Network Connections Question (Multipule connections)

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I help a small office with IT needs and questions. They have a Win-2000 server and 5 workstations all XP-pro. The wired network has a switch which all the computers are hooked to and the computers are set up with static IP addresses. The server and workstations have some information management software loaded on them.

My problem is the owner wants to stick with dial-up Internet access. I recently hooked one of the workstations to a MSN account and installed Virus software and was trying to get the windows updates current. Also the virus software cannot finish downloading the virus signatures before it errors out.

I have access to a wireless last mile Internet system (Clearwire, and could hook it directly to the computer. Can I go int the control panel and create a new network connection with the setting to obtain an IP and DNS automatic without disrupting the original network settings. This way I could hook this computer directly to the Internet do the updates to the OS and Virus software and then go switch it back to the original network with out messing up the settings.

Thanks for any assistance.

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You should be able to do this

by Tig2 In reply to Network Connections Quest ...

You will need to disable the current (working) connection and then create the new connection.

First take a note of all the current settings. Before rejoining to the current network, check that they haven't changed. Also delete the temporary connection. Reactivate the current connection, reboot.

I currently have my lappie set up for three possible network configurations with the unused connections disabled. At any time I can enable the connection I want to use and disable anything not in use. Works fine.

Good luck!

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