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By mallison ·
We have a normal windows 2003 network.
We use tcp/ip
We have a client pc using a vpn connection to another client outside our network.
When this is running, we canot connect to our client unless he disconnects from the vpn client and reboots the pc.
This also causes problems with veritas backup.
Any suggestions?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to network connectivity

The client with the VPN connection is not doing "split tunneling", wherein only some connections from this client go through the VPN tunnel and other connections go to the normal network.
So, when you try and connect to his machine, the packets from you hit his machine, but his machine returns the packets THROUGH the VPN tunnel. To you, you don't get any packets back, so that means you can't see him.
Enabling Split Tunnel is something done on the VPN gateway, not on the VPN client.
You would need to discuss this with whomever your client is connecting to via VPN. They would need to see if their VPN gateway supported split tunneling.
Take a look at this page on what Split Tunneling is:

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by <ITman> In reply to network connectivity

Nowadays, most VPN software has a built in statefull firewall that kicks in when ever the tunnel is activated. The symptom you mention that the PC has to be rebooted makes me think that even when the tunnel has been shut down the VPN software is still open and the firewall service is still active. To be able to connect to the PC you should make sure that the VPN software is fully deactivated. A basic test if there is an icon in systray then the software is still active. The definitive way though is to stop related VPN services, or reboot.

If the PC user cannot disable the firewall then you will need to contact the client's helpdesk.

As a side note....I had a similar experience with the Cisco VPN client. Upgrading this to the latest version fixed the issue.


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