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Network connectivity problems

By aw3t ·
I work @ Parking & Transportation for the University of Virginia, and am currently trying to rebuild an OS on one of our PC's. Before we do that we need to get her PC back on our network so we can back up her files. Windows 2K indicates that the network connection is unplugged, but it is plugged into a working port. We even tried different cables that we knew worked. I checked all of our network settings and had several of my co-workers verify them. We even tried switching network cards, but that didn't help. Do you have any idea what else might be the cause of our problem?

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by carlos.nino In reply to Network connectivity prob ...

Do you have a laptop you can use to connect through that exact access point?. I went nuts because of this once.
Can you ping to this machine from another one?

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by aw3t In reply to Network connectivity prob ...

Yep, I'm going nutz as we speak. Nope, I already tried that earlier, so I could see if our main ITC branch could see if there was a block on it. However, when I tried it came back with no response.

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by lmayeda In reply to Network connectivity prob ...

Can you attach her drive as a secondary drive to another PC on the network. That way you can back up her data and work around the problem. It would be nice to know the cause of the problem but sometimes it's not worth the effort.

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by dkmc00 In reply to Network connectivity prob ...

Is the NIC showing up in Device Manager as properly configured and enabled?
Does pinging the loopback address ( work?
Can you see lights on the back of the NIC ?

If all the above are ok then you can try uninstalling the driver first and then shutting
down the PC and then physically remove the NIC.
Boot the PC to make sure the NIC DOES NOT show in
Device Manager.

Then again shut down and reinstall the NIC anew.
When PnP kicks in install the vendor provided driver.
Test it and see if it works.

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by Spring In reply to Network connectivity prob ...

Make sure your NIC is set either to AUTO-DETECT mode or using the correct link speed of your network, e.g. 10MBs, 100MBps. It would be rare, but because you changed the NIC, it maybe a problem with the PCI/ISA slot. Try reinstalling driver for your NIC as well.

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by gpaz In reply to Network connectivity prob ...

Since you are using a docking station on that machine, make sure that you have restart the pc when is docked and that you have the power strip ploged into the docking station and not the pc. Disable LMHOST Look up and make sure that you have are implementing the Network settings on the correct network properties. Some times it gives to places you can implement IP Addresses when docked in a docking station.

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