Network Contnuosly loses connectivity with firewall in Place

By rngara ·
I have a network of 30 hp DC dx2300 PC's IP add DHCP assigned; 1xhp DL380 5150 server with SBS2003 (Domain Controller, DNS &DHCP); 1xhp DL380 5120 server running an application that runs on SQL2005 & MS 2003 Server. All the Computers periodically lose connectivity to the servers until a repair on the network connection or restart. They do not all lose connection at the same time. I have realised that that if i switch off the firewall and router, the network works fine. i have removed the firewall, only router in place but no network problem. Firewall is CISCO PX 501.

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you shouldn't lose LAN connectivity because of the PIX

by CG IT In reply to Network Contnuosly loses ...

the pix should not inspect LAN traffic if there is a router between the lan and the pix.

the router effectively creates a network and any lan traffic between hosts in the same lan are not forwarded by the router to the PIX. only traffic forwarded to the pix by the router would be either allowed or denied depending on how you have the pix configured.

If you removed the pix firewall and your LAN traffic all of a sudden becomes stable, you probably have the router/firewall/switch design configured wrong.

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