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    network controller irq


    by bararuth ·

    windows 98se can not get an irq for my network controller and my display controller. I have an intel motherboard with pheonix-award bios v6.00pg release 4.3 awardbios upgrade with 48bit support. Please tell me how to fix this.

    Thank you!

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      Reply To: network controller irq

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to network controller irq

      Please elaborate ‘cannot get an IRQ’??

      Assuming that these are PCI or embedded network and video controllers, do they appear in Bios?

      If they do, then Win98 should auto-detect them and load, or attempt to load, the correct drivers.

      Things should work if shared interrupts are used, but you may need to do some fiddling in Bios if shared interrupts are a problem.

      In some cases you can disable a motherboard device you are not using in Bios setup. Then find the slot that shares its interrupt with this (now diabled) device and place your adapter in it. Even though it is still sharing its interrupt with the motherboard device, it will not be a problem since the device is turned off.

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