Network crawler bot to detect and design

By skvnk2 ·
I was wondering, is there such a program/bot to run on the internal network and have it go crawl the network and design a network diagram of all the devices and their make/model, including their IP addresses and possibly a scope?

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Scope ??...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Network crawler bot to de ...

I was with you up to the last word.

Compiling a list of all the hardware nomenclature of the network would not really be a problem, but I doubt if any computer program could be intelligent enough to actually 'know' the actual relative positioning of each unit in terms of floors in a building and positioning within each floor.

THAT would be impossible.

As to this 'scope' I have no idea what you mean.

As for the rest you could do worse than using Belarc Advisor.

To give an idea of what it can do, try the FREE version. (This version is prohibited for use in corporate environments).


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WhatsUpGold can do that

by robo_dev In reply to Network crawler bot to de ...

You may need to help it with some 'dumb' device make/models, since there's only so much info you can learn from a mac address.

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