Network credential issue with new Server2012 installation

By Scott190 ·
Our network has developed a problem that only occurred after we installed Server2012 as domain controller. New machines or machines with reinstalled Windows 7 can get joined to the domain but cannot access certain domain resources or those connections ask for credentials (username/password. There are several clues to help pin down the issue but I've not been able to put them together.
Our environment:
3 domain controllers running Server2008r2, 1 domain controller with FSMO roles running Server2012r2. The Server2012 was a new install, not an upgrade.
50 clients running Windows7 Enterprise.
1. DNS is set correctly as best as I can tell. All the entries mirror the correct settings for the prior domain controller. ( All DC see themselves, have static IPs, DC are listed)
2. The workstations act as if they are not on the domain. Printers come up by IP address, Windows asks for credentials when accessing NAS, can't log into Sharepoint but the workstation shows up in AD Users and Computers and DNS.
3. I think it is a credentials issue where the new server is not handing out tokens because old workstations ( prior to the new server install ) work fine even taken them off the domain and rejoining. For the problem workstations, when the credentials are asked for and supplied, the connection is fine to those resources such as NAS folders.
4. GPUpdate fails with an error of "No logon server was found" and when I do a gpreport get "The network is not present or started". Yet, when I do echo %logonserver% I get one of the domain controllers and can ping all 4 of them.
5. When off the domain and you try to access Sharepoint it will ask for credentials. When workstation is on the domain, it fails to connect.
6. Another clue which may or may not help point to the problem, newly added Sharepoint users have to supply credentials every time they access Sharepoint. It is not holding the users domain login credentials.

I've tried a number of different things on both client and server such as:
- Making sure firewalls are off, LSASS was running, Netlogon services is running, granted "the Allowed to Authenticate permission on computers in the trusting domain or forest" setting with no change, made sure no AV programs are blocking, etc

This started when we installed Server2012r2.

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