network design- a case study

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I have been given an assignment to design a network for a small firm of web designers based in wrexham.They create and maintain web sites for clients. Business is so good that they have decided to move to new premises on the wrexham business park. And with the support of their customers they have decided to install a new IT system and computer network in the new building before they move in.

So i have been engaged as a consultant to plan the project and are to wrote a professional report, considering available technologies for each of the areas below:
1.requirement analysis topology
5.internet connection
6.remote access for representative and to existing office

can any one please help me in this regard i.e (network design)

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Request for Clarification

by pushpendrabishnoi In reply to Clarifications

if you had make this assignment and still you have copy of this assignment ,then may you send me.

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Where to begin?

by Triathlete1981 In reply to network design- a case st ...

A domain is far easier to manage than a workgroup. I prefer Windows Server 2003 over any other network operating system because of familiarity, ease of use, and the wealth of information available by users, forums, and experts. It's also relatively cheap. I know a company that has Standard Edition running on their domain controllers for a network of about 5000 users. Of course, you would have to buy a lot of CALs for that number.

The design really depends on what the singularity of your network requirements. Are we talking about 5 users, 25 users, or 100 users. Also, knowing that the users are web developers, are they going to be using any Macs? That may complicate your domain setup.

A star topology is a good choice for any decent size network, in which every workstation gets their own dedicated line from a switch. We are a Dell shop and EVERY computer is a Dell. All workstations except mine are running Windows XP Professional.

I don't know your Internet needs but a dedicated T1 gives you a guarantee that you are not sharing bandwidth with other companies and gives you more bandwidth anyway, although fiber optic speeds are faster.

For remote access, we use Logmein. It's convenient, based on email addresses, and better yet, free. You can set up a Logmein account for an email address and associate one computer per email address. However, there is no limit to the number of domain email accounts you can use, meaning we have 40 work email accounts set up, Each email account is set up with a Logmein account with that person's workstation as the one free computer for that account. If I need access to someone's computer, I go to the Logmein site, enter that person's email and remote into the computer. There are pay accounts, but the free stuff has really no restrictions: ie. network share access, printing, etc. Better still, you save your bosses a lot of money. you mean a physical firewall device or antivirus software? We have Norton AntiVirus on all our workstations. Our firewall router is a Sonicwall Pro 3060. It has a DMZ port for web hosting and email and has VPN capabilities if we ever want it.

Hope that helps a little.

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Step One: You're Fired

by robo_dev In reply to network design- a case st ...

Sorry, could not resist...

Can you at least humor us all by changing the wording a bit so we can all_pretend that we're not helping you with your homework?

Why don't you do some work on the assignment, and ask some specific questions? I certainly don't mind answering questions.

Here's my report:
1) requirement analysis: they're a bunch of wanker web designers, so give em some macs.
2) Topology: who cares, the macs will automatically connect to everything.
3+4) (see 1+2)
5) breadband: like broadband, but more fiber
6) disallow remote access for anyone
7)lock the door at night and don't trust yanks.

there, done.

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by Triathlete1981 In reply to Step One: You're Fired

you looking for a job? we're hiring.

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