Network Design Help Please

By stankmaster ·
Me and my fellow team members are employees of a consulting firm called IT Network Solutions.
We need to determine:

1. what type of network would best suit the customer
2. If the customer needs a LAN and/or WAN
3. What network Topology? mesh, star etc
4. What cabling media
5. Hardware.

Company INFO

Sports Store, 1 building( 3 stories )

First Floor: RETAIL ( 20 workstations )

Second Floor : management(10 workstations 5 are laptops), HR(5 workstations), Marketing(10 Workstations), Accounting(6 workstations), Administrative Staff(2 workstations), Corporate Security(3 workstations), Telemarketers(10 workstations, 20 employees = 2 shifts of 10 employees)

Basement: 15 workstations and where the server room is located

Requirements =

Must be wifi ready ( ie the laptops )
Owner wants a corporate email server.
Internet connectivity

All of this is for a project and I'm quite stuck. I just don't know where to start really, If anyone could provide some input if any It would help. I need...

Cabling design for the network
IP addressing

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IT Network Solutions, eh? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Network Design Help Pleas ...
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gosh yes

by stankmaster In reply to IT Network Solutions, eh? ...

I'm just stuck, . .. the project is due tomorrow and I'm trying to pull an all - nighter.

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The lesson to be learned here

by IC-IT In reply to gosh yes

Is that your grade will be reflected by your efforts.
Much like your wages will be after school.
Now is the time to prepare for the real world.

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very true

by stankmaster In reply to The lesson to be learned ...
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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Network Design Help Pleas ...

A consulting firm, and don't know that to do!!!

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by stankmaster In reply to LOL

its a project as explained. its a mock consulting firm. i'm in school

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Ergo - My initial response! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to mock

Prior to my first response to your plea for help, I DID check your profile which suggested your being a student, but then I read your entry of...
Job Role: Networking / LAN Administration

..thereafter assuming you were now earning your daily crust.

I strongly suggest that if you want to live the life of Walter Mitty, playing the Business equivalent of WarGames, then restrict your imaginary life to your school activities / business games.

If you insist in presenting yourself as a professional on TechRepublic, be prepared to get ridiculed for asking questions you should already know the answers to.

If you are a student, that should be your Job Role also.

However, as a student, how long have you wasted doing nothing on this project, assuming that we'd step in and help?

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by stankmaster In reply to Ergo - My initial respons ...

I didn't notice that was my job role still. I've tried changing it a few times and hasnt stuck. Thanks for your input though.

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not broken down enough

by CG IT In reply to Network Design Help Pleas ...

the retail store on the first floor probably is all POS systems and maybe a kiosk. 20 workstations sounds like a lot. A real business might have a total of 5 POS systems with 1 or 2 Kiosk. Also should have WiFi on the sales floor for inventory taking. Employees walk around with the handheld bar code scanner doing inventory.

Stick a Cisco 2950T 24 port in there. Home Run cable [thicknet] to server room out of the gigabit port.

Rest is pretty straight forward. If this retail store also houses the corporate headquarters, you better sit down with management and decide who has access to what and who shouldn't have access to what. Best bet is to use Vlans to seperate groups.

Servers, I'd choose a Windows platform and Active Directory because that's what I know.

2 servers both DNS, and DCs both Global Catalogs for hardware redundancy. Exchange on another. that way, if there is hardware failure there's no loss of service.

The rest, you'll have to determine database server requirements and hardware redundancy.

Since this is retail, go over the regs about customer information especially credit card stuff. I wouldn't recommend hosted services for that database.

but you would do a cost comparison between capital expenditure [1 time charge] and depreciation vs a monthly expense for hosted services just to show the comparison. Let them decide.

So, if you learned anything in school about network design and decided to do a few field trips out to big retail stores to see how their floors are laid out, you could have a preliminary design with a floor plan in no time at all.

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