network design is a key business decission as well as a network decission.

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Those who cannot spell

by Kenone In reply to network design is a key b ...
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Of course it is.

by seanferd In reply to network design is a key b ...

The network is there for the business, right?

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No it's not.

by robo_dev In reply to network design is a key b ...

The network design, for the vast majority of businesses, makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

For most small businesses, their 'Network Design' consists of going to WalMart, buying a $30 netgear router, and plugging it in.

For a large business, the network design is not a key business decision. I don't see the board of directors voting on whether the company should use a private data circuits to branch offices or use a VPN.

The only possible case where this might be true would be if the performance of the network had a direct effect on the bottom line, such as if the company was an ISP or web hosting company.

But even then, the 'design' is not a business decision, as it's not like they would choose not to have a design....duhhh.

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The Board however may chose

by OH Smeg In reply to No it's not.

Not to employ a Outside Consultant but insist that their In House Staff Design the Network.

But other than that I've never heard of a Board of any company making a Business Decision on a Network.

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