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Network design with VLAN's in mind

By jakeys1999 ·
I'm a bit stumped here, but here goes. I have 85 workstations, 85 ip phones 20 servers, 10 printers, 2 esxi hosts, EMC ISCI and numerous other IP devices on our network. 192.168.4.X,

We are running out of I.P's and as we increase in size I am starting to see a performance decrease on the network. I know its not ideal how we have it setup, and Im trying to resolve it.

My first thought would be to increase the amount of available IP's within this subnet. My thought was to change our subnet to for a total of 510 host addresses. But it would just triple the broadcast domain. (We are a cad environment). That would not be favorable in my opinion.

Ok, here is my thought. VLANS!!

I have a budget for switches. I have chosen to go with three hp 3500-48g-PoE's for the data and two E2**0'-46G-POE's for the voice. I do know that I dont need the three 3500's as POE's but they do not come without POE and if anything happens to the phone poe switches I can move the phone over to the data switch and plug the workstation into the phone. Also the 3500's do Layer 3 routing which leads me to my next question.

I want the PC's, servers, printers, and ISCI in the default vlan O, the phones in VLAN 1. So all data will be 192.168.4.X and the phones with be 192.168.6.X?

Do I need a router to route the traffic between the VLANS or will one of the layer 3 switches work?

I also have two remote sites connected via MPLS. I did not plan on upgrading the switches at those sites yet. Will this work if I keep everything the same at the two remote sites?

UGH it's rough trying to explain. But please let me know if I did not provide enough info and thanks for taking the time to read.

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by dean.fowler In reply to Network design with VLAN' ...

I like the practice of breaking down vlans for location. At my old company we had 2 floors in our building so we had a vlan for PCs on floor one and a vlan for PCs on floor 2.
I'd do the same with your ip phones.. it could help with troubleshooting as well.

I'd put your printers on their own vlan just to separate them.

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