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I have 3 halls. The labs have 8 PC's each. Offices have 2, admin have 4 and in room I is where I am going to have the main internet feed (T3 line to 100baseT). 2 of my halls have 2 floors(identical) and the 3rd hall has one floor. The distance between the floors is 4 meters. There are about 500 meters to cover. I choose fiber for a physical network or would using 5 segments be better. I found distance to be a problem with the 100baseT technology, because in order to connect Hall A and B to room "I" where the main Internet frame is located we will need to have repeaters every 100 meters to cover a distance of about 500 meters. Can we go for five segments or do we choose fiber? How would I then design the network.

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This sounds suspiciously like homework

by robo_dev In reply to Network Design

Even if it worked....

The cost and potential-for-failure of five repeaters would be extreme. This would cost probably five times the cost of running fiber, be 1/10th as reliable and 1/1000 or the throughput.

Consider that in order to provide X-number of fast Ethernet ports, your uplinks to those switches have to be faster, typically at least one or two gigabit Ethernet connections. Having two fiber optic gigabit Ethernet connections also provides redundancy.

Running 100/base-T through multiple repeaters will not work....running 1000 baseT through multiple repeaters REALLY will not work.

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Reponse To Answer

by itm420 In reply to This sounds suspiciously ...

I am trying to and wanting to open up a virtual company. The building that I am looking at is shaped like a y. Two of the halls has two floors. I will have about 152 computers that I want to set up. I was thinking about fiber optic running to 8 16 port switches and 1 32 port switch100baseT running from the switches to the computers. I am stuck on how the best way to design this network. I am a novice at this

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Fiber optic is the way to go

by robo_dev In reply to Network Design

In general, you just need to run fiber to give you Gigabit or 10 GB Ethernet uplinks to your edge switches.

The only question in my mind would be, if money were no object and you needed exceptional bandwidth, then you would run 10 GB Ethernet uplinks so you could have some Gig Ethernet ports in labs/classrooms.

In terms of investment, the only question at this point would be whether you select single-mode or multi-mode fiber. Am 99.9% sure that MMF would suffice.

Don't forget, too, that you can 'home run' a server in a classroom back to a switch over fiber.

You really just need to call a sales rep from a local network company to get a quote....they will give you a design for free.

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