Network disconnect automatically

By dce.arun ·
I have a strange network issue.
While accessing a network resource(shared drive), that particular PC alone gets disconnected from the network completely for a while(15s Avg).
And connects automatically again.
Could not access to any files from network.
But internet is all working fine.
Even if any other PC connected in that particular Wall Lan Port, same issue persist.
Is the issue is with wall Lan port or network switch ?
I'm so confused with this issue.


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Network disconnect automatically

by nencywillims In reply to Network disconnect automa ...

There isn't enough info to really tell what's going on. Do you have a wired or wireless connection? If it's wireless is it wifi or through your cell phones data service?

Wired connections are generally because of 1) bad cable with kinks or cut wires; 2) loose RJ45 jack that looses contact 3) router is powered down. Wired connections will tell you they are disconnected when an electrical contact can't be sensed. Even if the routers software is belly up, as long as it's plugged in and an electrical contact can be made the system will sense this.

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