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By hastain ·
hi all,

i run a small consultancy (5 consultants) who routinly see new networks and new clients every day.

I would like a tool that can be run from a laptop that discovers all nodes on the network, possibly (thru wmi) id's os, ver, major software and hardware of attached nodes,

also would like ti to work across subnets, discover managed and unmanaged switches, routers and network hardware.

lastly i would like all this to dump into sql db or xml file that could b imported.

oh....and i would like this for under $500 and with the ability to document all of my clients independantly.

sounds like a pipe dream

but if anyone knows a good tool or set of tools i would greatly appreciate it.

we do offer documentation of systems but the hodge podge of tools and the complexity of network means that something usually gets missed.


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by Abraham Oc?n In reply to network discovery/documen ...

Hello Jason:

I think that you need the NetWorkView 3.1

You can download it from

Just check some of the features (for $79.00 the license)

NetworkView is a compact and powerful discovery and network management tool for Windows NT4, 2000, XP and 2003.

NetworkView discovers all TCP/IP nodes in a network, using the following methods: DNS, NetBIOS, SNMP, TCP Ports, WMI and the local ARP table (MAC addresses). It draws a high quality color map of any size that you can print or save for future use. It can also check the status of all or selected nodes with ICMP polling, and send alerts when a system goes down. Eight different lists are available, fully customizable with a list editor.

Windows 2000 Professional, Server or Advanced Server, Windows XP Home or Professional, Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise.
Windows NT 4.0 Server or Workstation with SP6. The Microsoft SNMP service (from CD) and the WMICore 1.5 (downloadable ) must also be installed.
A resolution of 1024x768 or better is preferred
Windows 95, 98, ME are not supported.
Key features:
Floppy and/or USB key usage
The program, including the complete SNMP OID and MAC OUI databases, can be used from a floppy disk or USB key. In fact, NetworkView is composed of just a single executable (~570 KB) and 5 other data files (including the help and license !)

Three types of discovery: single address, range of addresses, full subnet. Choice to use DNS, MAC addresses, SNMP, Port scan or analysis, NetBIOS and WMI. Customizable retries and timeouts. ICMP not required to discover behind firewalls.
Powerful map updating using either DNS name or IP address as the permanent identifier, and automatic/interactive removal of obsolete nodes.


I hope this tool can be useful for you.

Best regards and keep the good job.


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by mikealfa In reply to network discovery/documen ...

Hey Buddy,

You can use "IDEAL Administration". which describes you every thing including H/w Software, services Pack, Network details etc. about the machine.

Even you can shutdown or restart the machines from a single workstation.

I hope this will help.


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by skosterow In reply to network discovery/documen ...

Try CA Unicenter - Cant beat it but its pricy! There was one that i cant remmeber the name of: Wingate or something like that its what we used before unicenter!

- Scott

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