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Network Documentation using Access

By Meierhoffer ·
I was wondering if anyone knew of any type of Access program for documenting a network. I was debating creating my own, but I am not as familiar with access as I would like to be, and I thought that perhaps someone has already put one together.
I am trying to put together an access database that will hold software, hardware, computer peripheral, printer, etc information. I am currently using Excel and Word, but I think that Access would tie everything together nicely.

If anyone has any suggestions, knowledge, feedback, etc. I would really appreciate it!



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Home grown or...

by Oldefar In reply to Network Documentation usi ...

I did something with Access back in the mid 90's that not only handled inventory but also generated my circuit orders directly to my carrier (frame relay) on their forms and published the network documents including Visio drawings.

Initially, it was fun to document. Building Visio diagrams of a small network seemed like useful work, and issuing orders via memo to the PM was no big deal. As we grew, the drawings began to take away from technical work and the multiple translations - my memo/PMmemo/carrier account team memo/engineering order bagan to have critical errors. Moving to Access and automating steps was an improvement.

Today, there are a number of applications available that import data via SNMP and log files, generate work orders and reports, and automate drawings based on route tables and trace route routines. Unless your network is very small or your budget is tapped out, I would recommend looking into these versus building your own.

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I suggest a GIS like ArcView

by macGold In reply to Network Documentation usi ...

Though most of us never see a Geographic Information System, one can be very helpful for this type of project. A GIS fuses graphics and databases. A classic example is an emergency management map: A map of the city on layer one, a map of the phone lines on layer two, a map of the data lines on layer three, a map of the electrical power distrubution on layer four, and so on. Make a layer active, click on an object, and up pops all the specs from a database. AutoCAD can do the same with its attributes, but I recommend the GIS, esp if your visual image would benefit from correlating logical connections to physical locations.

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