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Network Drive Disconnect from Windows XP

By gsportmaster ·
Hi Forum,

I am new here and this is my first post. Please forgive me for everyting. I am recently running on windows server 2003 (SMS) and is running into trouble with the shared network drive being disconnected from Windows XP after 6:30 or 7PM. I really don't know why it doesn't that. I am going nut on troubleshooting it. It think it DNS issue but i couldn find out what is wrong. Also which lead me to my next question is that i can't map network drive with IP address. It freeze up and no access at all the server drive. I can only map it to server name. Please Help and advise.

Thank you,

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Network Drive Disconnect ...

Are there any errors in the event logs that you could post? You should be able to map to an IP such as \\\sharename if you can not, make sure that your nic is configured correctly, default gateway, subnetmask etc. As far as the disconnecting of the shared drive, is the server set to logout connections when thier login time expires? How about the PC's?

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by gsportmaster In reply to Network Drive Disconnect ...

thank you for your feedback.

I already check the event log server on windows 2003 server (SMS) and there is no error is logged. There are 2 problems that i noticed.

1. I can map network drive with server name, but I cannot map with an local server IP address. When mapping with IP, it takes a very long time to access the shared network drive and sometimes freeze up. (only exists in Windows XP)

2. User on Windows XP can view the shared network drive from server, but when click on the shared drive, it is not accessible. This happens after certain time (around after 6:30 pm). In order to continue to access the shared drive, users must log off or rebooted from the workstation and then it works again. Sometimes It happens only to a few XP stations and sometimes it happens to all XP workstations. Please note this only happen to windows XP and not windows 2000.

3. The user session is set up to access 24/7. there are no error recorded in the event log. However I do see error from XP workstation. I believe this has to do with DHCP or DNS issue.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Network Drive Disconnect ...

Try disabling the XP firewall if enabled. This is a really weir situation because it is usually the otherway around, servername takes forever and IP is fast...

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by gsportmaster In reply to Network Drive Disconnect ...

After testing the network for several days, I have noticed this is more of an DNS issue. I don't know why but the symptom is the that when trying to access a mapped drive, the system is very extremely slow or do not open after 7pm. I googled and found an article that says this is result of the Internet DNS sever being on the list of DNS servers. but i check and still couldn't find it. So I checked the log session and updating all the services on Windows XP and the problem still exists. I then deleted the user account and recreated the account. I also remapped the drive and add on the DNS IP addresses to the local system. I then tested again and it works. The windows xp workstation doesn't have problem access the mapped drive (although I have not stayed pass 7 PM to find out if it works after 7pm). I also leave the system over night and I was able to access the mapped drive the next day. Normally, I can't or acccesing the mapped drive is extremely slow. I guess it is working for now. I will continue to monitor to see if it is XP system can access mapped drive after 7pm and will keep everyon posted. thanks for your feedback.

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