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    Network drives are not all there on boot


    by jwilliam ·

    I’m currently running WinNT servers with logon script to map drives for each user. All users have same script with limited access to each. Intermitently a user boots a machine, logs on, and can only see 1 or 2 of the network drives instead of the total 7 or 8. I’ve discovered a temporary fix in which I log them out, log in as admin with mapping, log out admin, log user back in. All the servers on my domain are carrying the script so it’s not just a matter of one server being overloaded or anything. Any suggestions?

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      Reply To: Network drives are not all there on boot

      by lonewolf ·

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      A fix that may save you a lot of time is to create a batch file script with the
      NET USE \\servername\sharename /YES command string for each of the shares you want to map. Then you can provide users access to this batch file so they can run it when the problem arises.



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