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Network drives lose mapping, but are still available in Network MAgic

By Bocaire ·
I have a strange problem in Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit re the mapping of my 2 network drives in my NAS..

I also have Network Magic installed on all my machines, and the drives are always shown in the "Network Magic Folders", even after losing their mapping.

After I map them with the desired drive letters, they will retain those mapped letters for anywhere from a few hours to a week or so. However they will still show in my Network Magic folder listing, but without any drive letters assigned. And I can drag files in and out, delete files, and do all the usual things.

However, since they have no mapped drive letters, I cannot run various scripts that I use in my FOLDERSYNC software, since they have no drive letters assigned. But I can quickly go into my "Network Magic" folder in OPUS (my file manager), select the drives, one at a time, and assign drive letters. All will then be OK for "who knows how long".

When the drives have lost their mapping, and I'm in the Windows dialog box to assign a drive letter, all drives always show as "Z" when they have lost their mapping. So I decided to map only of of the 2 drives, and assign "Z" to it. That worked OK. But that drive soon became "unmapped". But in the mapping dialog box, it still showed as Z. Reassigning Z brought it back to being mapped

Interesting to note, this problem accurrs on other networked machines, including one running XP, fully patched and updated.

I've Google searched high and low, but I cannot find any solutions.

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