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    Network Ethernet questions

    by paul bisceglia ·


    I recently purchased a house in which the previous owners had a networking panel in a bedroom closet. Unfortunately most of the cables inside of the panel (coax and cat5e) were either clipped or disconnected from any source.
    Now, in a spare room at the front of the house, is my office. There is a wall outlet that I believe is an rj45 connection. My plan is to try to utilize the outlet and connect it to my network switch box next to my PC, then terminate one of the numerous cat5e cables in the panel to see if it is the actual Ethernet cable going to my office outlet.
    Once I terminate one of the cables, how can I test it to see if I can get a signal? Maybe not the correct terminology, but I’m hoping someone understands what I’m trying to say. Thanks!

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      I use a few methods.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Since RJ45 connectors are about 20 cents or less each I crimp about half of the leads if they are un-marked. Given the 150 USD a hour plus trip charges we don’t attempt to find exactly which lead is “the one.”

      Now that we have that done these leads are plugged into the router or switch and a PC is plugged into the other end. The one that lights up is “the one.”

      If I didn’t luck out with the first half I crimp on a few more then carry on.

      Remember that how to wire this up is on the web so I won’t duplicate wiring color schemes here.

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