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By lordseck ·
Okay, here's the issue. We want to be able to send out faxes from any computer in the office, but we only have two analog phone lines. One phone line is dedicated to the reception area printer/fax/copier, and I don't want to tie up that line with out-going faxes at all. The other line is connected up to a modem in the server closet. We're running Win NT 4.0, and I want to be able to set up the modem as a Fax Printer, and then share the printer around the network. Now, I've done this at home with my laptop (running Win2000) and it works perfectly. Sadly, I forgot how I did it, and the laptop is currently at Compaq getting a new screen. Does NT4.0 SP 6 not have a generic fax driver? Can I download one (cause I sure can't find one)? I've tried using the fax program that comes with the modem, and it installs on the server, but then I can't share it without the Win98 drivers, which don't come in an .inf file. If I install the whole modem CD on the client PC, the whole thing gets confused and it refuses to work without the modem being there, any ideas?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Network Fax

Do you have a network server that the computers log into?
If so, you will be best off with a fax board in the server.
If not, simple file /printer sharing will do it.

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by djent In reply to Network Fax

You don't mention the size of your network. Check WinFax Pro it works fine on small networks.

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