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Network fax solution

By DHL ·

I am looking for a hardware or software solution that will enable a desktop PC to send and receive faxes over a LAN (ADSL Internet connection only).

No fax modem, no phone line.

Only need for 1 PC (W2K Pro PC joined to W2K domain), but may be used by up to 10 PCs in the future (prepared to pay for additional hardware/software/licenses later on).

Appreciate your feedback on and

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or require additional info.

Thank You,


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Accpac Simply Messenger

by ServHi-Tech In reply to Network fax solution
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Internal or Extrernal?

by TheChas In reply to Network fax solution

If you need to send and receive FAXes from outside of your network, a phone line and FAX modem is required.

Or, a third party FAXing service.

Or, a VoIP system.

A FAX is a specific digitized document format designed to be transmitted over a phone line connection.

By definition, a FAX requires the use of a phone line. You don't send a FAX to an IP address or an email account, you send it to a phone number of another FAX machine.

Keep in mind that even though ADSL comes in over a phone line it is NOT a phone service.

Now, I suppose that you could scan a document and save it in a FAX format. Then, you could attach it to an email and send it around that way.

Even then, the receiving party would need the proper software to convert the FAX back into a document.

It would be much easier to just create an image or PDF file and send the document as a normal email attachment.


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by jdmercha In reply to Network fax solution

Try eFAX I've used it a little bit and it works great. It is also free.

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