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    network folder and file sharing


    by cruzin101 ·

    We are running windows server 2000. I tried to map users to a specific
    server drive today and received a “contact administrator you don’t
    have access to the folder” error. After trying unsuccessfully to do map
    this drive on several users computers I “assumed” the problem was
    they needed to be added to sharing group. I also noticed there were
    quite a few people already in the group. I added “everyone” to the
    shared group with rights to view and execute, read, list folders. No
    write and modify privileges were extended. Shortly afterwards I
    reconsidered and decided to remove the “everyone” only and address
    individual needs separately. According to all reports the
    aforementioned folders should have been accessible by each user I
    attempted to map, but were not. Secondly, would the “everyone”
    addition and removal reset access rights? Thanks! Just trying to figure
    out the why of the situation.

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