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Network getting slow

By sameer_adhikari ·
Hi All,

My network consist of Windows 2000 server with windows 2000 prof. All the machine are with the latest sp 4. Lately we are having a problem that our network goes slow as the day passes. In the morning the network works find but as the day progress network becomes slow. We have check the virus and no virus has been detected.

You suggection will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Sameer Adhikari

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by w2ktechman In reply to Network getting slow

As the day progresses, more people are logged in and busy accessing servers. In a slower environment, more people traverse the Internet as well. Check the logs on the servers, and bandwidth to try to troubleshoot further. Maybe a server needs upgrading, maybe more bandwidth is needed, etc. The monitoring tools should give a clue as to the problem(s)

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by ITGuy67 In reply to Network getting slow

I suggest using a network analysis tool which allows you to view and analyze what type of traffic makes up the majority of traffic as things slow down. I've used Network Instruments Observer, Fluke Network Analysis Tool or even Ethereal. Through analysis of the capture file you should be able to determine the origin (or destination) of the majority of your traffic and the protocal in use. In other words is it HTTP or traffic related to AD syncronization.

Hope this helps and happy hunting!

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by parthiv_13 In reply to Network getting slow


You have not mentioned about HUB or Switches or Router in network. So if you are using HUB then switches or router. And do not forget to byforget them with VLAN. If you have switches then check do you have VLAN assigned to all workstations or not ? if not then asign them. As day progresses the DATA and report generation gets HIGH and also employees starts accessing internet if alloted (this one is typical thing in all office of internet accessing in day ending).

More on there could not be Virus or other problem as per me cz its working in starting of day very well. So check with the Network planning for solution. Like Switches, Router, Bandwidth control and assigning with VLANs, Faulty design of Network, etc.

Whatever the solution you get please post for other member's future referance.

Good Luck.

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by bdragomir In reply to Network getting slow

put a sniffer on the network check the traffic (most probably is a virus). You should be able to identify the source that is flooding your network...check your firewall log for machines that are trying to initiate connections over 6667, you might host a irc bot...a lot of hypothesis, bottom line you need to find where the traffic (latency) comes from and the only good way to do it is use a sniffer(ethereal, etherdump) or a traffic monitoring tool

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by Matthew Yurksaitis In reply to Network getting slow

Wow, unfortuneately the problem you describe is pretty general and does not really provide enough info as to your network environment to make a sound suspected fault area. The recommendations of other posts to utilize a network monitoring tool to get an idea of your net traffic are good, but in order to get a good idea of what the problem might be the protocols on the net, traffic patterns, peak useage hours, routers, switches & hubs etc... all need to be included. If you can provide a bit more of this info without inducing risk of exposing your network environment that might help. If not you may want to contact myself or other IT professionals with experience in this area off line to discuss these details in order to minimize risk of public dicussion of your net environment.

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