Network Hard Drive problem

By kowalski87 ·
I just bought a Western Digital My Book World Edition external network drive. I've connected it to my network through a router. The software (mionet) that came with the drive didn't work on my computer (it screwed up my internet connection) so I access the drive directly via the ip-adress. But the thing is after I copied a folder to the drive it gets read only status. If I right click on the folder in windows (xp) and untick the box next to "read only" and then click OK and then I right click again it has changed back to read only. Anybody know how to fix this? I don't want read only on any of the files on the drive.



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Check to make sure that the file systems you're copying across are the same

by Reb00t In reply to Network Hard Drive proble ...

sometimes copying between FAT32 and NTFS or vice versa can cause issues like this.

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Both are NTFS

by kowalski87 In reply to Check to make sure that t ...

No they are both NTFS

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So what if the copy was from FAT to NTFS?

by woodce In reply to Check to make sure that t ...

How do I fix it if I copied a file from a FAT drive to my new WD My Book, and now the file is owned by 'root'?

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os version and service pack level?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Network Hard Drive proble ...

what is your os version and service pack level?

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Windows XP SP2

by kowalski87 In reply to os version and service pa ...

Windows XP SP2. Latest updates.

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Router firmware

by chnelson04 In reply to Windows XP SP2

I was having the same problem with a Linksys router with USB hard drive connection. It turned out that the original device firmware did not support write access to NTFS partitions. I was able to download a firmware upgrade that resolved the problem.

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same problem, but mine worked initially

by jcoburn In reply to Router firmware

hi -- I have the same read-only attribute problem. I originally had a problem running backup to it, but I upgraded the router, and it seemed to work fine. Then, sometime during the last week, it no longer let me copy files to the hard drive. unclicking the RO bit doesn't help.

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same issue - any answers

by dabelstein In reply to Network Hard Drive proble ...

I have exactly the same problem with my WD World book. If you find any answers I'd appreciate knowing how to fix it. I am sure it has something to do with admin access...the drive doesn't realise who it is accessing it but i can't figure out how to remove/fix this either....and you're right the mionet software sucks the big one.!!

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