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Network ****

By GeoffMichael ·

Two computers, XP Pro with SP2 and W2K Pro, in a home environment with a Linksys WAP Router w/4 port switch, a Linksys cable modem, and a wireless PCI card.

I have,successfully, had both computers networked with shared resources twice; the first time when I set up the two computers and again after having to format my grandson's computer because of a virus downloaded from a peer to peer music site. However, the third time has not been a charm.

The first time I configured the two was without incident. Both computers "saw" each other, communitcated with all shared resources, and connected to the Internet through the WAP router and cable modem. Then came the second time. After reformatting, I returned the second computer (WK2 Pro connects via a wireless PCI adaptor) and it connected to the network and internet just fine. However, something went awry with the computer (XP Pro SP2)connected by cable to the WAP although this computer wasn't touched and is in a completely different part of the house. The problem came to light when the formatted computer (WK2Pro)was unable to access any of the shared resources, only able to connect to the Internet. It could connect to my laptop as well as my laptop was able to connect with it. All resources could be shared but neither computer could connect to the computer (XP Pro SP2)that was wired to the WAP.

The problem computer (XP Pro, SP2)could ping its loopback address as well as the gateway and DNS addresses. It could not ping its name or the address assigned to it by the cable modem. It could not "see" either my laptop or the other desktop computer. I had turned off the XP firewall.

I tried the ipconfig /release and renew and although the command does release and renew, it renews to the same cable-assigned IP address ( but nothing got resolved. Finally, I changed the name of the computer and for some reason, that seemed to work. I'm unable to explain why but it then shared resources and "saw" the other systems and could be "seen" by the other computers.

Now then, the third time. After installing a sound card and new graphic card in the system (W2K Pro) that I had formatted, the whole process began all over again. The computer with the wireless PCI card works fine but again, the XP computer does not. Nothing was changed or touched on the XP computer. I tried changing the computer name, as I did the first time, but this time it doesn't make any difference what I do, it refuses to share resources. It cannot ping its name nor can it ping the IP address assigned to it by the cable modem. It can ping its loopback address and it can ping the gateway and DNS addresses.

As in the beginning, all computers are set to obtain the IP addresses automatically.

I have turned off XP's firewall and neither computer has any other firewall at the present time.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.


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Remove and reinstall CFMS

by Jessie In reply to Network ****

I've seen this one way too many times... the first thing I'd try is remove Client for MS Networks, reboot, then re-add it... somehow this one gets corrupted and you just have to give it a kick in the pants!

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a little more info

by blueoakmo In reply to Remove and reinstall CFMS

Run Ipconfig /all for both machines and cut and paste here.

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Remove CfMS and NIC

by mikeh In reply to Remove and reinstall CFMS

I agree with Jessie, but would add uninstall the Network card (NIC) and TCP/IP driver and reinstall.

We too have seen this far too many times with XP/Win2K mixed environments.


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by GeoffMichael In reply to Remove and reinstall CFMS


Thanks for the information. I will try it and let you know.

Thanks again, it's much appreciated.


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