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Network Icon show limited connectivity in window xp

By thecomposernetcafe ·
Dear Sir,
I have a Net Cafe And I reinstall win Xp.but there is limited connectivity.i try to repair my LAN from Lan properties and i got a error massage that Renewing IP address ios unable. Can i write same WOrkgroup name on my network.

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by caestelle In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

I am not sure I fully understand the details of your question, but you might try a different network cable.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

Try running the network setup wizard. Be sure that you have the correct workgroup name.

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by G... In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

You have a typpical DHCP problem. It's not easy to say how to fix it (depends on the installation you have) but I can try. I will assume that you run only win XP on your machines, that you don't have any domain controller and you have a router that you use as the DHCP and no DNS server.
First check the log of the DHCP. You may find an explaination (or most likely a hint) of what the problem is.
Second. If you have the problem only on the machine that you reinstalled XP, it's probably a network configuration prob. Most likely a password or crypt. config...
Third. It could be that you are not allowed to be part of the workgroup (or wrong config.). It is possible to create a floppy disk of this configuration from another pc (or you may have it from an earlier config.).
At last (if the others doesn't work) idea to solve that is to put manually the IP in each computer most of the DHCP/router accept this within a range defined in the configuration of the router (probably a to or a 1 instead of 0. So check this and start with the first PC. You don't need to do this for the PC without probs.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

Control Panel/Windows Firewall/turn it off?

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by hhhornettt In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

do you have a broadband connection and do you connect to the internet using a computer as the internet gateway ? then heres some info.;en-us;892896

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by vicky.makhija In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

go to lan seetings in network connection
right click
notify me when limited or no connectivity
uncheck this box
restart and ur connected

vicky makhija
sbc yahoo technician

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by Blue screen In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

get an updated LAN driver.

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by James Wise In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

Hi I presume you are using SP2, it sounds like a winsock issue try running this command at a command prompt:
netsh winsock reset

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by haroon In reply to Network Icon show limited ...

plz check the following thing...
1) is your network card+driver properly install
right-click my-computer-select-<hardware>-select-<Device Manger>-
in divice manager go inside your network adaption and open properties...In Stauts box...there is message...device is working properly...
2)- check your network cable...some old LAN cards dont on this new cabling standard so if u have old NIC then its better to have straight through of 10mpbs.
3)- then check what workgroup u setup on server...workgroup name must be same on all machine...
4)- after all check RJ-CONNECT right properly pluggin on ur pc-nic and hub/switch... and your nic showing green-yellow type of LED and HUB/SWITCH is also show this LED...

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