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Network Inconsistencies

By IT-Thunder ·
To start off, this is all through a VPN. When connected through thte VPN I am able to see all of my machines as described and I can telnet to all but 4 boxes (UNIX and LINUX OS on these). I cannpt ping these same 4 boxes or see them at all. My problem really is that if I PCAnywhere into one of the other boxes on this network, I can reach these 4 boxes from them, just not through my VPN client box. I dont really understand what is causing this denial from everywhere on this network and not from a VPN'ed system.

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Are they on a different subnet?

by JamesRL In reply to Network Inconsistencies

When you access the network via VPN, you are being routed through a firewall and may be restricted by that router/firewall to certain subnets. But the PC you are controlling inside the firewall is not going through the firewall/router, so is able to directly access it.

Talk to whoever programs the routers/firewall.

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by IT-Thunder In reply to Are they on a different s ...

No, these share a Class 'B' subnet internally.

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Then perhaps

by JamesRL In reply to

Either the Router/firewall or VPN authentication device has specific exclusions for these servers programmed in. If the VPN was designed to have one type of profile and to allow only certain usages, I can see how someone would program it that way.


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Network Inconsistencies

by IT-Thunder In reply to Then perhaps

I thought of that too, but it appears that this isnt hte case. We checked the VPN router, and the firewall rules and it appears to be getting through these without any problems, yet it cannot see these boxes. Doing a tracert, I see the VPN router, then the local router and then it other connection found. When I am internal on that switch, it goes right in from the VPN firewall router, to the local router, into the box. So I dont know where else to look.

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