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By delroyaw ·
Is the network or internet access faster using wireless or cable.

Got some clients who seem to think that the wireless enviroment gives them a faster access than the cabled network.

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Network / Internet

by dspeacock In reply to Network /Internet

From what I've seen around my office, the wired access has faster accessto both the network and the internet. It takes me longer on my laptop than my analysts on their desktops to access a lot of things.

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Wired faster internally

by Macgyver.Hicks In reply to Network /Internet

Wired will usually be faster as most systems have 10/100 and even 1000Mbs connections. Very few systems will use the 10Mbs speeds. As long as the switches, if managed, and routers are set up properly, your wired systems should access the your internal network faster than the wireless.

Wireless is good, however, there are many variables that can affect the overall performance of the data transfer. Things such as, distance from the access points/routers, obstacles between the client access point, lag time for encryption, etc., can and will slow your wireless client's access to your network.

Internet access for both wired and wireless really depends on the overall connection speed to the internet and the number of systems trying to access the internet simultaneously.

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