Network IP addressing private / external help :) NAT DMZ

By tony.betts ·
Sorry about the rubbish title, was just trying to hit keywords really.


I've been trying to figure how to get my network to do what it needs to, which is this:

Fileshare between 2 computers (these can be on private, or external addressing)
Assign external static IPs to a further 10 devices

Sounds simple, right?

A bit more about my setup:

I've got 16 external IP addresses.
I've got 12 devices needing connectivity. 2 of these are normal desktops and don't need external IPs, but they need to be able to share files between them using windows filesharing.
The remainder are servers doing a bespoke task requiring they look to be different hosts, completely unrelated from each other, from the endpoints point of view.
All the machines run Windows.
I've also got a VOIP phone but it can be configured any which way so doesn't need to be taken into consideration (aside that if possible, that too should have a private IP).

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