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    Network IP addressing


    by tweakerxp ·

    I know a guy who has 8 store in different locations around my area. He has no servers at all. He has a DSL connection to the internet at each location. He wants to be able to log in remotely to check sales and stuff.

    He want to change the IP address on the computers at each location to something like this…
    Store A –
    Store B –
    Store C –
    and so on…
    so he can tell which store he’s logged in to.

    I’m no network guru be any means but I don’t thnk you can do that like he wants unless you have a static IP from the carrier, correct? He want to be able to tell which computer is which by the IP address.

    What would be a good way to tell him how to do that?


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      by tweakerxp ·

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      First of all

      by bizintelligence ·

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      you can not use private addresses over the internet. Two ways to do it…
      1 >
      Get public ip address range from your ISP to cover 8 locations…something like
      which will give you
      Subnet- , Valid Hosts to , Broadcast address –

      Once you get that then do port forwarding for rdp or remote control application on your ADSL router.

      2 >

      If you dont have static IPs for your 8 ADSL locations then use dynamic dns service…

      Once you get that then do port forwarding for rdp or remote control application on your ADSL router.

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        ip addressing

        by tweakerxp ·

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        So once I get him to get the public IP then he can assign one to each store, correct. Will he need to be “physically” be at each store to do this?

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      the question is what equipment does he have

      by cg it ·

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      at each store that gives him internet access? what computers access the internet?

      With internet access via DSL at each store, he has public addresses. So if he has DSL with a combination modem/router or a modem and a router, depending upon what router, there are a couple of things you can do so that he knows what connection is for what store and that doesn’t have to be addressing.

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      by arujammer ·

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      This is just a sugestion. Why don’t you try LogMeIn, no worries about ip addresses and firewall settings, just make sure the remote computer have access to the internet.Create an account at LogMeIn and add the computer to the account. You can then access the computer from an internet interface from any place you are with internet access.

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        by cg it ·

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        IP addressing… LogMeIn

        by tweakerxp ·

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        That sounds like a plan there becasue this guy isn’t very technical about computers. That would be a much simpler tool for him.

        Thanks for the suggestion!

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          Remote desktop

          by spc_tcol ·

          In reply to IP addressing… LogMeIn

          There are a lot of these programs out there, that allow to get access to a remote desktop.

          But you are sure that he want’s access to the computer?
          If he wants to check the sales, almost all computers should be able to send him an email every 5 min. if he needs it.

          But I wouldn’t work for someone that doesn’t trust me and has to check my work computer every day.

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