Network is locking up randomly

By bclear ·
We have three servers (windows 2003),one is used for Faxadvantage, one is the SBS, one is the Applied TAM Server, one terminal server (windows 2000)performs backups, user profiles stored here. We are using Kaspersky Anti Virus. We have 22 users all running Windows XP workstations.
We started experiencing system wide lock ups when Kaspersky was first installed. All users would lock and it would appear the network connection was lost for a minute or two. This is enough to disrupte the Applied software as users work to lock them there an announce the network name is no longer available. It happened at specific times each day. I realized the Kasp.workstation was updating at each of these lock ups and changed the time for updates to after hours, I also said do not run missed task. We are still experiencing these network lock ups. We have two dell powerconnect switches..nothing is showing up in any event logs. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance.

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If you temporarily disable Kasperksy, does the problem stop?

by robo_dev In reply to Network is locking up ran ...

the first thing I would do is to use the free Wireshark protocol analyzer to capture traffic on the network to see what is going on.

Since yours is a switched network, and the PC is locking up, I would install the app on a laptop, and install a ethernet hub between the switch port and your most troublesome workstation. This will allow you to capture all network traffic to/from that PC, and see what is going on.

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network lockups

by bclear In reply to If you temporarily disabl ...

Thank you for your response. In changing when the Kaspersky updated workstations, I was able to eliminate the locks at that specific time. However, then they were random, not effecting one station but all 22. I then turned off run missed tasks, made sure all workstations were not going into hibernation, etc..but still getting the lock up or "disconnection from the network" actually. I will try the Wireshark protocol analyzer if that will give me a report. Thanks again!

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Wireshark will give you lots of data

by robo_dev In reply to network lockups

but it will not give you something as conclusive as a report.

If you are well versed in network troubleshooting, it will tell the tale, but it may take a bit of a learning curve if you're not.

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