Network is now slow and freezes.

By iam4u3 ·
i work with and IT firm and we recently installed windows vista business 32bit on a network that was running windows 2000.(new network). after installing it it ran good for the first 2 weeks and for the last week we get calls that no one can login,sometimes it takes forever to login. i logged into the server and observed that the the cpu usage is fine. that is, when noone is logged in.if 18 users attempt to login at once on the vista machines the server CPU usage spikes to high levels (even less). and slow down and sometimes freezes.
the only things that are different from old network is that we use avg9 network edition
but that seems not to be the problem.
What can it be?
Server is Running 2003 R2 Standard Edition.
Space is not an issue (hard disk)Memory is usage is fine. GIGABIT switches & NICS also. Server workes fine before. NO printers on network.


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Checked logs?

by Dedlbug In reply to Network is now slow and f ...

Are you sure the antivirus is not causing the issue? It should be easy to disable across the LAN from the Admin Console as a test anyway.

Do the event logs show anything around the time of the server issues? Also, is there a group policy being applied to users?

Just a couple suggestions. =]

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Also have you looked at the actual Network Traffic?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network is now slow and f ...

Something like Wireshark would do as a starting point to see what's going on if the Server Logs show nothing useful.


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network or workstations?

by larrie_jr In reply to Network is now slow and f ...

Have you monitered the actual workstations on which you changed OS?
If Server shows nothing in logs, wireshark shows nothing in traffic, next logical step is to troubleshoot the resources you actually changed.
Most across the business skipped over vista and are attempting to go to win7 x64; utilizing the virtual xp environment when necessary.
Take one workstation, switch hard drives to get W2K back on the network, and compare.

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Group Policy

by TheBOFH In reply to Network is now slow and f ...

Have you disconnected the desktop from the network and tried to logon? is it quicker? if so could be group policy with regards to computer settings tring to enforce certain settings.

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I got it...

by iam4u3 In reply to Network is now slow and f ...

thanks everyone....after a morning of headache it was amazing to know that I FINALLY GOT. The probelem was caused by AVG. AVG enables upon istallation the AVG network filter monitor unto my NICS. I disbaled it and it worked fine. the problem is that the bottle neck comes becuase the filter try to filter all the request (network trafic; incoming and outgoing) so it therefore cuase my cpu to receive heavy loads becuase of the bottle neck. i noticed this from the performace monitor. THanks to all of u for ur help

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Good to see you got a solution EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I got it...

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