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Network is very slow

By gli ·

We have 25 Computers, running WinXP...Server is Small Business Server 2003. When I transfer a 10MB file is taking 6min or so. Sometimes when I transfer the same file, it takes seconds. Anyone know what is wrong with our network??


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by jbaker In reply to Network is very slow

Try running a sniffer. There could be lots of reasons that the network is degraded, including a NIC going out, bad wiring, port on the switch/hub going out, etc.....

But a sniffer will tell you what kind of traffic you have going on, and give you a good place to start looking for issues.

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I had similar issues.

by Nyxbox In reply to Network is very slow

As i started reading you post it seemed so firmiliar i had to look at the author to double check that it wasn't myself posting. I had nearly the same symptoms on my network with nearly the same environment. I have about 15 windows XP workstations and a 2003 SBS. Here are a few things I ran across in persuite of a solution that worked... First what kind of switch do you have that connects all the workstations? assuming its 10/100mbit, is it managed? if so you can try pegging the ports to run at 100mbit Full Duplex, instead of auto-negotiating with the clients which would give you mixed performance results such as files taking various amounts of times to transfer. Also if your entire infrastructure is 10/100, then set all your NIC's on your workstations to run at 100mbit FDuplex. Providing there is no other interference the changes should create a 100mbit full duplexed pipe between your cleint machines and the server, it has no choice but to run at full capacity. For your own curiocity run a bandwidth meter that would tell you the exact speed that your network is currently transfering at when you have major activity such as transfering files.

I do agree with running some type of sniffing program to investigate what other traffic is going across your network.

Also make sure to download the latest drivers for your NIC's. A strange but odd situation that i was in ended when i just replaced the Intel pro100Nic's in my desktops with brand new Linksys 10/100Mbit cards, set it to full duplex for kicks and i have never had issues with any other machines in my network.

Just curious if this issue is specific per user(Profile issues) or per machine(hardware issues) and if the transferes are to/from the server/client. hope this helps.

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by gli In reply to I had similar issues.

hey, thanks for the reply...

we are running cisco 2900 and 2950 switches, i believe everything is in default.

I just happen to have a new linksys nic right here, im gonna try it now. currently, i am using Intel pro100....same as yours i believe...ok, im gonna give it a shot...


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by b4real Contributor In reply to thanks

Check to make sure your DNS is correct all the way through.

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by Nyxbox In reply to thanks

Funny you say that, i also was running a cisco 2950 at the time. I beleive those switches are managed and you can configure the port speeds. I also want to put an emphasis on DNS and Cabling, try replacing the cable to the machine with the issue, unless its more than one machine then thats probably not the problem. but DNS would be something to focus on if all else we discussed has failed.

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by gli In reply to interesting

hey, i mess with the settings on the NIC, i change the link n duplex to 100/half....This boost up the speed on file transfers by A LOT. It is still the intel pro100 card, i did not put in the linksys card....i need to test it on our other locations now....the cisco 2950 are managed and i believe they were left at default, whoever install them.....i am new in this industry and perfer not to mess with the cisco stuff too much yet, unless the consultants are here......
Hey Nyxbox...THANKS A BUNCH....i really super appreciate your advices.....

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Cisco 2950 question

by gli In reply to interesting

hey, so changing the link/duplex setting help with the speed a lot.....but i was did you config the port speeds on the 2950? do i have to console in or can i change the modes from the front of the the way, i have a 2950 and a 2900 switch....

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by Nyxbox In reply to Cisco 2950 question

Yeah um why do you have it on 100Mbit half duplex? though your speed would be increased from 10Mbit which it may have been negotiating at i would cahnge it again and set it to 100Mbit FULL DUPLEX to get the best performance. i didnt need to change the switches ports to peg them at 100Mbit FD becasue setting the NiC will accomplsih the same becasue it will ask the switch to run at 100Mbit full duplex and the switch should say ok you can do that. but as central management to make the change at the switch level it would be easier. in which ou would console in but i didnt take that route because i just made the change on the few workstations i had.

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very strange

by gli In reply to Reply...

so, last time....i try all the different settings and 100/HD was the, after i read your post....100/FD became superfast....i tried 100/FD last week and it was slow....very strange....but, THANKS again

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by Nyxbox In reply to very strange

Remember that FD has the cpability to perform the fastest, but if you choose that selection and it seems that it is running slow, than your bottlenecks are at another point its no onger the link speed of the NIC.

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