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Network Issue between XP and Win98

By chicofj ·
I have a PC running Win98 with a Linksys 10/100 LAN card that I am trying to connect to a peer to peer network of PCs running WinXP Pro. I am able to ping the XPs and I can see the Win98 box on the XPs but I am not able to browse the network or connect to the internet. I have TCP/IP, NetBEUI and File and Print sharing running on the Win98 box. Is there some other protocal that I need to run and/or is there something I am overlooking?

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Netbeui On All?

by wpcc In reply to Network Issue between XP ...

Did you install netbeui on the xp machines?
If not, do so.
It can be found on the xp cd in value added folder.
If so, make sure you have added proper permission to the xp machines for the win98 machine.
What about file sharing on your 98 hard drive?
Are you configured up for client for microsoft networks?

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Share Advertising and ICS

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Network Issue between XP ...

Internet Access
The PC with the Internet access has to have the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) activated, for the Win 98 machine to access this you usually need to run the ICS wizard on the machine with the Internet connection, it should ask youif you want to make a floppy disc to load this service on other machines, say yes and then load this disc on the Win 98 machine; the other Xp machine will be able to access with automatically by activating ICS on them.

Shared Resources
Often theWin XP machines need to have a service called Share Advertising Protocal service to be activated in the 'Services' area before any non Win XP machine can see the sahred resources on them; you also have to have a resource that is shared for them to show. Your will also need an account on the Win XP machines that relates to the Win 98 machine (I usually create one under the name of the Win 98 machine itself).

Hope this helps, feel free to e-mail me if you want some finer details.

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