Network Issue

By Wayne B ·
I have one PC on our WAN that can't access one specific server. Here are the specifics on this.
This PC can access all network resources except one server. This same server can access all network resources except the afore mentioned PC.
Pinging any networked device from the PC returns an appropriate reply except when pinging the one server, Request Timed Out. Pinging any network device from the server also returns an appropriate reply except with pinging this one PC, Request Timed Out. All other PCs and servers on the network can access and ping both the affected PC and server without any issues.

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Network Issue

by RIUKev In reply to Network Issue

Have you tried demoting the PC back to a workgroup and then rejoining your domain?

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Workgroup vs Domain

by Wayne B In reply to Network Issue

I have not attempted this yet. Will try tomorrow morning if rebooting the server doesn't correct this issue. I'm not holding my breath on the reboot possitively effecting a solution.

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Pinging by name or IP?

by Charles Bundy In reply to Network Issue

Could it be a DNS problem? local hosts file with wrong info? This is only relevant if you are pinging by name which is uncertain based on description.

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by Wayne B In reply to Pinging by name or IP?

DNS resolves the IP addresses of either system correctly. Same results, request timed out, if ping by IP instead of name.



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What does trace route show?

by Charles Bundy In reply to Ping

And are there any physical or logical devices in between the two? MAC filter? port VLAN? Local firewall config?

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by CG IT In reply to Network Issue

you say PC on WAN, but if you meant LAN, then is the PC and server on the same subnet?

turn off firewalls on both hosts, make sure they are on the same subnet, then try ping if ping turn on firewalls, try ping. if no ping, firewall blocks, if ping, then you have another configuration going such as Vlans and/or different subnets that a router might not allow ICMP packets

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Even sometimes software firewalls get confused

by robo_dev In reply to WAN or LAN?

I've seen cases where a software firewall was set to 'disabled' but it still blocked traffic.

Download and install a copy of WireShark on a laptop, find an old Ethernet hub and plug the laptop/hub between the wall jack and the flaky PC. This will show you the issue instantly.

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yeah that's true

by CG IT In reply to Even sometimes software f ...

nothing that a power cycle couldn't fix in unmanaged switches.

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Ethernet Switch?

by robo_dev In reply to Network Issue

If you plug/unplug the PC ethernet cable, does it work? Most ethernet switches refresh their mac-address table when the link state is changed.

If this is a wireless device, odd things can happen related to power management..if a device goes to sleep, the mac table can get all wonky, even leading to DHCP errors showing duplicate IP addresses.

If you plug the PC into another port on the switch, does it work? (this can fix the problem for the same reason as the first fix...the mac-table gets refreshed).

Note that speed or duplex errors can cause odd switch behavior such as this. If this is a managed switch, look for CRC errors in the port statistics for that device.

Remember the switch is the device that connects the mac address of the PC to that of the server, so if the two cannot find each other, it's the switch that is at fault.

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by Wayne B In reply to Network Issue

For all of you who posted sugestions, Thanks. Amazingly, this issue was indeed resolved by rebooting the server.
To answer some of your questions regarding the topology and configuration: No software firewall - All disabled by group policy. This is indeed on WAN with the server and PC on different subnets. No VLAN for PC/Server traffic. Only VLAN utilization is for VOIP. Hardware between the two devices is a Cisco router on the far end and Cisco Router and switches on the near end.
Again thanks to all who read my request for assistance and provided potential solutions.

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