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network issues

By leelee0507 ·
I have a client who has 5 workstations connected with an additional computer for file sharing. The file sharing computer is running on XP Pro while 3 others are running Vista Premium Home and two are running XP home. They can access the shared files after some manipulation.

However, when I leave the site they loose the ability to access the shared files. They continue to have access the the internet and they can all ping the "server". I have checked all of the wiring, attempted to map the network (which usually results in temporary access) and I have rewired the network. None of these methods are working.

The LAN is NOT set up as workgroup and the client wants the network to be open and simple to use (No log ons or passwords).

I am stumped and really ned some help here. Please someone can you please help me.

Thank you and sorry for my newbie attitude.

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Network issues

by JSerrago In reply to network issues

My first question is why they are not on a work group? I mean it would help the system browse and reslove the names over Netbios. It would also keep the netwok security pretty much the same.

Are you using Static or Dynamic Ip addressing? If you havent all ready I would give the XP machine acting as a server a static IP address and map using that instead of the UNC. **** it is such a small network I would just go to static addresses just to make browsing or searching for resouces a non issue.

There is also the option of getting a good NAS and transfering the files to it. Many of the one available comercially inculd client software to keep each computer connected to the divice and via Mac address or some other method.

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by bryanmuts2000 In reply to network issues

Maybe I am lost here but I don't think you can setup Windows without a workgroup or domain. Usually defaults to the MSHOME or WORKGROUP workgroup.

Maybe this will help.

1.Check out the scope of the DHCP and ensure that there is one I.P address pool in the scope.

2. Get the MAC Addresses of the others PC's and use these to set resevertions of the same I.P address range on the DHCP. (this will ensure that the computers whilst obtaining the I.P address from the DHCP will have a fixed I.P address)

3. As for losing access to the shared folders, since your guys don't want to use passwords you will have to give access to the user object everyone and if my memory serves me well you will also need to setup each user exactly the same way as on all the computers.

The probable reason why you access the folders is probably because you have the administrator rights and have the same user on all the PC's.

tell me how you solve the issue. Sorry am not good with short answers.

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