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By matthewrussin ·
We are running 5 servers between 2 buildings. We used to be able to see all users, servers, apps, etc. over T1 line. Now we can only see servers, but no users listed. Anyone know what may have caused this and possible fix. If we can see servers then we should be able to see users and everything else.

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by robo_dev In reply to Network issues

Assuming that the network is 'flat' (one subnet for the whole thing), then I would start looking closely at layer-1 issues (cabling, interface). I would guess that the servers are on a different hub/switch from the users, so make sure a uplink to a switch has not failed, or is failing intermittently.

If there are routers involved, have any configuration changes been made? Look at what devices you can ping and which you cannot.

I assume you are using Windows? You should be able to ping host names and also view/reset the netbios name tables using the nbtstat utility.

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by matthewrussin In reply to

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by curlergirl In reply to Network issues

Are you talking about what you see in the Active Directory? Or are you referring to what you see when you try to browse the network in My Network Places? These are two very different things, and it's not clear from your description which it is.

If it's AD, if you look at the AD directly on one of your DC's, do you see everything? Are there any event log errors on the DC's? FRS or Directory Service replication errors? Use dcdiag to check the status of your domain controllers to see if there is a communication problem or some sort of corruption.

If it's network browsing that you're looking at, you need to check your switches and/or routers to see what's going on there. Can you connect to network shares, etc., even though you can't see them in the browser window? Can you ping by IP address? By name? In addition to checking physical connections, if that seems OK, look at DNS and see if there is a problem with workstations not being registered properly in DNS.

These are at least a few suggestions you can check into. Hope this helps!

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by matthewrussin In reply to

sorry i didn't give points and closed, but it was my fault for not explaining everything. if you could help please do, i posted another one that is explained more. thanks

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by matthewrussin In reply to Network issues

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