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    Network Issues explained


    by matthewrussin ·

    The 5 servers are able to be seen. If you use network neighborhood and explore the servers, you can’t see the users.We installed an updated version of software and now can’t see those users using the software. We can see other users that aren’t using software. The users that are using new software can also use other resources on server. Why would an updated software app cause us not to see users again. Could it be something with the script files.

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      by matthewrussin ·

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      Point value changed by question poster.

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      by robo_dev ·

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      The ‘new software’ wasn’t LINUX? (just kidding)

      It all depends what the software did….changed workgroup name? Joined another domain? Killed some services? Remember it takes about 15 minutes for browselist updates to occur…..

      What logon credentials was the install script run under? Maybe you just locked out an account? (try NET View NET Diag and BROWSTAT command)

      Is it a network-aware application (using static and/or dynamic ports)?

      Maybe the new app is slamming the network with traffic so browsing will not work correctly?

      What OS on workstations? Got personal firewalls?

      I would assume that you can ping these users by hostname and/or IP address?

      Using netbios tool ‘nbtstat ‘, can these users be seen after clearing local name cache? (nbtstat -R or Windows XP ‘Repair’ function)

      What about if you put a static entry in the lmhosts file on your workstation for the remote workstation?

      Is this just a simple workgroup or a domain?

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        by matthewrussin ·

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        well no it’s not its a version of routematch. basically for routing buses.I just started working here and my boss said she tried to do all NT commands she knows to try and see users and nothing works. workstations got 2000 pro, no personal firewalls. basically it’s the domain on building 2’s side. i thought about the network being slammed myself, but sometimes there is only 1 pc using software and other times there is 15-20. anytime at all though any of those machines can’t be seen. this software was on the machines before, that’s why i’m confused about it. there were no major changes to the software, as per the vendor.

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