Network Issues

By Rickjbos ·
6 PC's running Windows 2000 with static IP's ( All PC's have identical hardware and software, including NIC driver version. All are part of a domain.

1 Server running Server 2003 also static

1 Cisco 24 port switch

The Problem:
PC 1,2&5 are dropping network connection randomly a few times a day but PC 3,4&6 are fine. OS is running fine when this happenes, no lockups. Log on switch shows link flapping then drop. PC's are unpingable.

Temporary solution:
A reboot will reestablish the connection but only for a few hours.

Recent Changes:
Server was replaced, originaly running 2000. Added new hardware and Server 2003. Ever since upgrade/replacement these PC's have been having connectivity problems.

Event Log:
Only common event log errors of problem PC's are Userenv and AutoEnrollment but not every share this error only about 90%. Possible DNS issue.

This is happening at multiple locations (40 +) and the server upgrade seems to be the trigger.

Possible some kind of SID problems. Or new server is allowing more TCP sessions flooding out PC's capability and dropping comm.

Please help! =O

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DHCP maybe

by jjjj12212 In reply to Network Issues

whats giving your PC's an IP address? if your Server is also a DHCP server, you may need to check the IP pool if your giving out enough IPs or being assigned to the right MAC addresses

you can always look at Wireshark to see whats going inside your wires

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Power of the Cisco switch for a few minutes

by seanferd In reply to Network Issues

to allow capacitance to bleed away and memory to clear (unless this is a completely dumb switch), then reboot it.

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network problem

by raviagwl In reply to Network Issues

This is nothing but a virus problem... u r pc & server all are infected to virus. Is your cisco switch is managable, then there is a possible cause the switch is also infected. So clean the virus with a geniune antivirus software and try. If the problem persists... format all the pc and clean the data with other machine.

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And if you don't find any viruses...

by TobiF In reply to network problem

Have a pain killer anyway, just in case! :)

Best is Panadol, squeeze one tablet into any USB jack. :)

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