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By luv2bike2 ·
in one of the offices at my company there are two people in that office with one network drop. the network drop has a Linksys Fast Ethernet 10/100 5 port Network hub plugged into it. everything works fine with the two users connected to the hub, however, we had a cabling company come in to drop a second line in that office that goes directly to the server room, so that we can take the hub out. The problem now is when we take the hub out, and plug the user closes to where the hub was connect to, the user gets a message that the media (yes, media) is disconnected and when you go into the My Network Places it says that it is disconnected and I try to connect it but it won't connect.

I plugged the hub back into the network drop and the user can connect to the network. The other weird thing is: you have to connect it into the same port that it was connected to on the hub before, if you plug it into a different port on the hub, it will not connect. The cable company that was here did not touch that drop at all, so i can not say they did something.

Does anyone have a clue as to why when you connect the users directly into the network drop it will not connect to the network, but will connect when it is connected to the hub? This setup was already in place when I started here.

If more information is needed please ask away!

Thanks, :)

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Hub or Switch?...

by NormH3 In reply to network jack

You mention hub, but I wonder if you meant switch? Sounds like the cabling between the server closet and the hub/switch is a crossover. Perhaps the hub/switch can auto sense, but the PC's can't.

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good point

by ---TK--- In reply to Hub or Switch?...

I didn't even think of a crossover cable being used... that could cause the issue!

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I have learned alot...

by NormH3 In reply to good point

by making mistakes...nuff said!

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I should know better

by IC-IT In reply to I have learned alot...

than answering a question while munching on lunch.
Didn't man to walk on your answer, sorry.

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No Problem..

by NormH3 In reply to I should know better

You actually exolained it a little better than I.

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a few thoughts....

by ---TK--- In reply to network jack

how far is the cat5 cable, you could be seeing attenuation. Also is it a hub or a switch? If its a switch, you might as well leave it in, it doesn't really hurt...

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by IC-IT In reply to network jack

It kind of sounds as if the cable may be a crossover cable. Possibly the hub was connected to another hub previously? Or the cable from the jack to the hub was used to connect the computer to the jack?

If the old hub did not have auto-MDI/MDI-X sensing than it was common to use a crossover cable to connect a "normal" port on one hub to the "normal" port on another.

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it is a Hub

by luv2bike2 In reply to network jack

Thank you everyone for your responses! I just have been very busy at work and did not get a chance to review your suggestions/thoughts. They are greatly appreciated! :)

the unit is a Linksys Fast Ethernet 10/100 5 port Network Hub. i have tried 2 different cables. I don't know why the cat 5 cable would be a cross over from the office to the server room and I was not working here when the cable was installed.

If i make another cable and made it straight through do you think the computer will be able to connect, or do you all think that i should leave the hub in place?

Thanks! :)

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