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Network lag with XP / 2000 network...wie

By wpbdan ·
I have a W2k Advanced Server network
with two pcs running XP pro / TCP/IP only. The hardware on the pc's is
irrelevent aside from that they all use 3com 3c905x NICs. The Network also
comprises an 8 port switch (unmarked, but I think it may benetgear, if my
memory serves me correctly) and Linksys BEFSR11 DSL router sharing the DSL
about. The server runs active directory DNS , IIS, and G6 FTP server.

The darndest problem:

a 600mb file transferring between pc1 and the server completes in about 4
min or less. The same file on pc2 takes anywhere from 20 to 120 min. If I
unplug pc1 from the network, or shut it down, it transfers on pc2 in less
than 10 min.


If the problem resolves by taking pc1 off of the net, then why does pc1 have
no problem transferring files?

Anyone have a clue, because I shure don't

Thanks in advance

Daniel Moyer

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Network lag with XP / 2000 network...wie

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Network lag with XP / 200 ...

I hope some of these hints help you.

Try downloading this 3COM utility:

I have a 3COM905C-TX-M..
You say it's not your network card, but I find that there is a tweak you can do to your card using the 3COM NIC Doctor. After you installed it and run the NIC doctor program, go to the CONFIGURATION tab and set your "Network Driver Optimization" to MAXIMIZED NETWORK PERFORMANCE and set your card for FULL DUPLEX. If you are not booting off a network then you can turn off your boot PROM.

On your WINDOWS 2000 machines:
Disable Remote Computer Task Scheduler - By default, Win2000 will attempt to access the remote scheduler service on remote computers such as Win95, Win98, and Novell Netware. This can cause long delays of over 30 seconds while futilely attempting to access the remote service. This was scheduled to be fixed in SP2, but was not. Use the Registry File below to delete this key, which will disable this feature.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Internet Speed Tweak - run the patches on

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Network lag with XP / 2000 network...wie

by wpbdan In reply to Network lag with XP / 200 ...

Good answers, but I found the main reason, believe it or not, was the shell integration of WinZip. Turns out that WinZip 8.0 with shell integration turned on, slows down network performace on WinXP systems. WinZip is aware of this and is working on a fix on the next version.

Go Figure.

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Network lag with XP / 2000 network...wie

by wpbdan In reply to Network lag with XP / 200 ...

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