network load balance

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hi all .... a macjine runs xp with two lan cards ....i have two routers connected to same server by two routes ,... when a connection falls i switch wires manually ..... the question is to achive nlb .... or any other way that when a connction falls the computer automatically switches to another ???
thank you in advance

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that's failover which isn't really Network Load Balance

by CG IT In reply to network load balance

Network Load Balance distributes traffic over to multiple WAN or LAN links, so that one link isn't over utilitized, and another link is under utilized.

failover is when a link state does down, another link then is active to handle traffic until the first link comes back up.

fractional lease lines typically are used for Network Load Balancing where each 64 KB can be assigned to a specific link. They can also be used for failover [assign fractional 64kb links to public IP addresses] where failover firewalls or ISDNs kick in.

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