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Network Logon Problem to Win2000P WkStat

By csb ·
I cannot logon to my "Workstation" from my main computer named "Server." Both have the same workgroup & using same protocol, but the Server is Win98se & Workstation is Win2000 Pro. I have no problem accessing the Server from the Workstation, but when I try to access the Workstation, I get a prompt asking me for the password to make connection, even though I have the folders shared on the Workstation without passwords. The prompt resource path is \\WORKSTATION\IPC$ which is not the path to my shared folders. I have read tons of material and even bought several of your books and other Windows 2000 books, but none have answered this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Network Logon Problem to ...

Window 98 Second Edition is not a Windows server operating system. It is a workstatiion operating system.

In a workgroup, all accounts are local to each individual system. You will have to provide a username to access shared resources on each system.

The differences between workgroups and domains is explained here:

Most likely the reason you are getting a request for a username and password is that you have NTFS permissions assigned on the folder share and files.

Below is a link to a document which will assist you in creatign files shares:

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by csb In reply to Network Logon Problem to ...

The prompt is not asking for a user name, only a password to make the connection. The server is only named "Server" because I have several other workstations connected to it. This is a peer to peer network using a hub to connect to the other computers. I guess I need to know if Win98se computers can even connect to Win2000 computers using the Workgroup name.

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by huios In reply to Network Logon Problem to ...

you need to simply have the SAME username and SAME password on both machines. Create a user on both machines and YOU MUST SET A PASSWORD! This is the easiest way around this. I could get into explainations like the previous answer but if you do this it will eliminate your problem, and any future problems with this sort of thing.

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by razz2 In reply to Network Logon Problem to ...

BFilmFan and Huios have answers that will help you, but a note is needed. You do not need to create an accout on the 98 box. Whatever your logon is on 98, create a user on the 2000 box that matches those credentials. Also, assign that account permissions to the shares you have created and using NTFS permissions if NTFS is used. Windows 2000 has a different security model than 98, so any access to it's resources will require a user account it (Win2000) understands.

The IPC$ share is a built in share called Inter-Process Communication. The $ makes it hidden. It is used to share info between computers and applications.

Good Luck,


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by csb In reply to

Absolutely amazing! I spent numerous hours searching for this simple answer. All those books and articles on networking and none of them stated this simple principle. It always amazes me how the basics can be left out of the books. This is the FIRST thing that should be explained instead of all the complex gobblygook. Thanks very much.

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by csb In reply to Network Logon Problem to ...

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