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    Network logon problem


    by mahender.negi ·

    HI all,
    this is manoj, I am getting a very strange problem in my network. We have domain based network(windows 2000 server & Windows xp prof & windows 98 clients), from last few days four Windows 98 Desktop clients are getting the error message that says “the domain password you supplied is not correct or access to your logon server has been denied”. users are using the correct username/password/domain name. I have formated windows 98 system, reinstalled win 98,updated virus definitions(Mcafee),updated windows 98,Scanned the sytem against viruses(but no virus found),Reinstalled NIC,Reconfigured Network settings in windows 98 client Desktops but all in vain but the probem gets solve on restarting the system/fixing registry/restoring registry/removing TSR Programs/renaming computer name/changing IP address etc. but on cold booting of windows 98 system users get the same error message.
    Note- we are using Static IP in our Network.
    we are getting this error message on windows 98 systems only.
    we are able to ping server from windows 98 systems.

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      by 3xp3rt ·

      In reply to Network logon problem

      It seams to be a problem what probably has the consequence of a Windows 2000 update.
      You must look at Microsoft?s site.

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      Reply To: Network logon problem

      by blackcurrant ·

      In reply to Network logon problem


      We used to have the same setup (except now we use 2003 AD server).

      I know that you must make sure that the proper domain name is in the workgroup settings in the TCP/IP properties in the Network applet, otherwise that message will appear.

      I would make a very careful check of all your network settings on the Win98 machines. Also make sure that computer accounts exist for them on the Domain controller, in case they have been accidentally deleted.

      Good luck

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      Reply To: Network logon problem

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Network logon problem

      About 72 hours ago was the last round of MS Patches did yopu install any at that time?

      If you did do you have other 98 Computers logging onto the same domain?

      As others have already said you need to check the clients to make sure that the settings are correct and also the Server to make sure that the settings there are correct but I personally would try deleting one of the non working accounts and reestablishing it because the most likely thing is that the User Accounts in Question here have become corrupted. But you first need to chek the other things out before you start deleting User Accounts from the server.


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      Reply To: Network logon problem

      by msnriggs ·

      In reply to Network logon problem

      Try putting the IP address or computername of the domain controller in the Domain box for logon. If that works it may be a WINS/DNS issue of resolving a ip for the domain name. Try running nbtstat -a [domainname]. Here is a link on using nbtstat

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      Reply To: Network logon problem

      by el_guapo ·

      In reply to Network logon problem

      Try re-adding them to the domain. change them over to a workgroup, reboot and add them to the domain again.

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      Reply To: Network logon problem

      by kodokan_yudansha ·

      In reply to Network logon problem

      I am experiencing the same problem. I have been following the advice here and on the MS site but to no avail. A couple of questions I have are:
      SInce AD does not natively support W98, the computer accounts would have to be manually entered in AD C&U, correct? Does the adition of DSClient9x to the client link the computer to the manually created AD account? Also, the post concerning taking the client to a workgroup and the “rejoining the domain” doesn’t make sense to me since W98 machines have no way of joining a domain, only workgroups. Am I missing something w/ the dsclient that allows joining the domain w/ W98? I have changed the workgroup to the same name as the domain, but that didn’t work either. My next step may be to build an NT 4.0 member server running WINS and add it to all my servers & DCs in their WINS settings. I’ll let you know if that helps. Fingers crossed!!

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      Reply To: Network logon problem

      by kodokan_yudansha ·

      In reply to Network logon problem

      OK. Here’s the fix in my domain anyway.
      On the server end, modify the group policy of your doamin controllers OU to use LM & NTLM authentication.
      On the client end, ensure that there are no underscores in the client name. We had lots of these as a hold over from our old flat NT domain days. Change the underscores to dashes (i.e. campus_rm#_XX to campus-rm#-XX). Install File and Print sharing. Hard-code a WINS server (doesn’t have to be an NT server, mine is a W2K3 Server) in the TCP/IP properties even if using DHCP. Make sure the workgroup name matches the domain name. Install DSClient9x. That FINALLY fixed the problem in our network. Good luck!

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        win98 login 2003 domain

        by deep9874 ·

        In reply to Reply To: Network logon problem

        our domain set following policy

        netwrok security lamanager authicaitons : sent to NTLM only

        clinet name is proper install dsclient9x but still same problem facing.


        The domain supplied password incorrect or logon server has been denied.

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