Network Logon Set Number Of Times User Is Allowed To Logon

By adminmichael ·
Is there a way that i can through my windows server 2003 enterprise R2 set the number of time a user account can logon to the network though active directory? I want to prevent users from being able to logon to the network from more than one computer like limit them to one or two pcs at a time.

let me know if anyone has any ideas.

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Sorry to say but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network Logon Set Number ...

Natively it's not possible have a look at Limit Logon

While Limit Login may be a partial answer that you're looking for be aware that is not completely fool proof.

Some others here may have some third parts solutions but with out them Windows doesn't natively support that option.


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A possible solution

by meggittd In reply to Network Logon Set Number ...

Hi you can control logon times but its limited you can only control times when they can log on and log off not the number of times during the hours allowed. To do this open AD users and computers, right click an account and click propeties, click the account tab and the you will see Loon Hours, in that you will see all the hours marked blue by default highlight the times you want to disallow logon then click the radio button to white out the hours. I would add an hour either end of your times as users can have a habit of coming in to the office early or staying late beaware this will affect VPN as well if you have that setup.

For restricting computers users can log onto in the same account tab click Log on To... then just add the computer names. there is a catch you must have Netbios enabled on your network cards on both your Domain Controllers and your desktop pc's you may need to have WINS server installed to provide additional Netbios support for your network. You may have this already but Netbios decreases network performance and the fact the servers and desktop computers broadcast there names across the network this does have a security risk.

The other thing depends on how many users you have this may take some time to setup.

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You can limit the machines that they can log onto.

by Kenone In reply to Network Logon Set Number ...

But not the number of times that they can log on.
Go to "Active Directory Users and Computers" open the users account and go to the "Account" tab, click on the "Log On To" button and you can specify which machines the user can log onto.

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