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Network logon VS. Workstation Logon

By whelanjj ·
I've got a small network where file-sharing is a necessary ideal to get work done to view code and form discussion groups, etc. To do so we've enabled sharing of folders/files on our computers and all have made a User name familiar to all of us, with no password so that we can all easily get in and out of shared files and get work done. However, then everyone has access to everyone else's computer if they were to so desire. Now, it's not really a problem, but I would like to know if there's a way to possibly deny logon access to certain Users in Win2000? I want them to still be able to log in through the network using \\computername or the like but not be able to log onto one another's computers to make changes, etc.
Any help is much appreciated.

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by sanny7in In reply to Network logon VS. Worksta ...

if u have server and client network then it is very easy to restrict users to logon to their computer go to user properties and then logon to tab and give any 8 computer name that user will logon to that computer only he could not eble to logon to any other computer
if this is not your network give detail of your network thanks

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by whelanjj In reply to Network logon VS. Worksta ...

Well, there isn't any logon to tab. It's just a network of individual workstations mostly all using Windows 2000, so there's no central server. We've all got our own computers sharing files, and there's one name that we all use to log in over the network to share the files that we created on each machine. I want to be able to block that user from logging into the workstations. Thanks for the help, more info is much appreciated.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Network logon VS. Worksta ...

If each user has a separate account, ie. User1, User2, etc. it is possible to allow or disallow access to file shares.

Each local computer system has a local computer system policy that can be adjusted via the GPO Editor snap-in for the MMC.

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