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Network Monitoring

By Spike50s ·
I work for that a company that has recently doubled its' number of employees. Because of this increase it is now almost impossible to walk around to all the workstations to find out if they have installed any programs on their computer. We can't disable file downloading beacuse employees have to download information from a hand full of websites. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on what programs would be best for monitoring the network, like finding out what programs are installed, what programs they have open, where they have gone on the web etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Network Monitoring

by hinrgman In reply to Network Monitoring

Here are a few products available. You did not state the size of your lan/wan so these range from small to large.

I presently use Fidelia - in my opinion somewhat inexpensive and easy to use

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Network Monitoring

by #aix! In reply to Network Monitoring

Blue Ocean has a product called TrackIt! that has a very good software and hardware auditing ability. If most of your clients are initially set up the same (from an image for example) you can audit a PC with the base image and move all of the programs into the "recongized and accepted software" category. Then audit all of the systems over the lan and it will show everything that has been installed. With the audit information you can accept additional software, or flag software for removal. Each time the systems are audited, it will report any new installations that are not in the "approved" list.

As far a web monitoring, Surf Control will not only monitor where the users go and give you a report by user, highest volume user, etc. itwill also let you block certain site or build an approved site list, and/or alot time by users. I know of an organization that has a list of "work-related, news, and weather" sites that users have unlimited access too. The users also have 30 min. unrestricted time per day. They are allowed to use this for research on "non-sanctioned" sites or personal use, but once their 30 is up that's it. This allows them to do those odd-ball research projects or evaluate a newly discovered site that might eventually be added to the unlimited list.

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Network Monitoring

by AirHockeyNinja In reply to Network Monitoring
BelARC Advisor would work perfectly for what you need. You can download a free for personal use version and evaluate it on your home computer. What I like most about BelARC is that it creates the report as an HTML page, and allows you to save it as such, or as a text file. In the listing of installed programs, you can click on a hyperlink at the end of the software description, and it will take you to the location where the software is installed. Fine product, which I have gotten much use from.

Hope it helps, If I can be of further assistance, feel free to email me.

Good luck!


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Network Monitoring

by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Network Monitoring

jus adding that if the pc's are installed with a nt based os, that normal users can not install software so you have that part under control.
In the past I did use surfcontrol and audit with great success too.


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