Network Monitoring

By arefsheikh ·
I work on a ship with approximately 30 computers connected to a network. There are also various connection points around the vessel which people plug there personal laptops into.

I am looking for a program that will allow me to find out the IP addresses of the computers that are downloading large amounts of data or viewing iternet TV or radio.

The internet speed on here can get so slow that it can take tem minutes to open up hotmail.

It there a simple program that i can run on one machine that will tell me which computer is hogging all of the bandwith?

We use Windows XP

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Check with the Network Administrator..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Network Monitoring

The person in charge of the network would already have all the tools needed to check this for you. You'll need to check with them to find what you're seeking.

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Ship means Wireless connection to the Internet/Outside World

by OH Smeg In reply to Network Monitoring

Have you considered that it may be perfectly normal for this to work this way?

If you are in a Poor Signal Strength Area the Wireless connection will be slow and as you will be relying on Satellites for the signal there are all sorts of Atmospherics to take into account. It may not be internal to the ship at all. You really need to check with the Ship Owners ISP to see what volume of Data is being used and then if it is excessive you may meed to look elsewhere but it could just as easily be Navigation Logs and so on that are Normal Ships Business causing the problem.


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