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By Sumit2010 ·

Could any of you suggest a good network monitoring software from your past experience? It should be able to do that following: -

1. Monitor the real time bandwidth consumption based on internet IP.
2. Which service/program is taking up most of overwhelming the network?
3. Monthly/Weekly bandwidth per IP or system
4. Monthly/Weekly bandwidth per service
5. Shoot email to the system admin for any suspicious activity or when the bandwidth usage reaches a certain level.
6. Ability to go back and find what really happened on the network.

The budget is about 1000$, if there are any open-source alternatives, i would appreciate that as well.

Thanks in advance :)

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by mafergus In reply to Network Monitoring softwa ...

It can handle issues 1-5, has additional features and is free.

For item #6 you will still need to get dirty.

I also recommend that you search TechRebulic as you will find a lot of discussion and good information here

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by lmalhoit Contributor In reply to Network Monitoring softwa ...

Do you have VMware? Actually, even if you don't yet, you can download VMware Player for free and put it on a machine that has access to all the devices you want to monitor. There is a virtual appliance that you can download for free and set up, then.

I've used it at a couple different places. It's pretty easy to set up and it seems to work well.

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by PC-guru In reply to NST

VMware would be the most cost effective and best choice off the top of my head

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