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    network monitoring tool


    by muralidaniel ·

    Can you please let me know how to start designing a network monitoring tool from the scratch ? It should be based on SNMP Protocol.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      what is a pretty broad question.
      how about this idea:
      download the trial version of 3Com Network Supervisor and copy those features…

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      by hozcanhan ·

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      you need to look at the ip scan tool software to get the idea . It has to be based on SNMP , what else can you base it on ? then get either sgt shult’s suggested 3Com product or one of many free monitoring products and start to dig . I advize you study the commands like trace, net stat , arp etc…

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      by mshavrov ·

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      First, start with a goal – what are you trying to achieve. What functions and features do you want to see in your tool. Should it be just “up/down” status or deep “health monitoring”. How many hosts you want to monitor? And main question – what could you offer what is not available in a thousands of other products?

      Then, when you designed the main concept, decide, what platform and language will you use. Should it be opensource, unix, windows, or multi-paltform.

      Then you should decide, who will do logic and who will do coding? Who and how will support the product? Do you have enough expertise in programming or you should invite somebody else?

      But again, the concept is the most. Without it you will not never do any good product.

      Good luck,


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